Item #: UYCD34
    Umphrey’s McGee has been arranging and performing original mashups live for over eight years. It was only a matter of when, not if, some of those innovative concoctions would find their way into a studio. And that when has arrived.

    UM is pleased to announce ZONKEY, an album of 12 unique mashups, conceived, arranged & executed by the band. ZONKEY is as seamless as it bizarre, playful as it is razor sharp. Bits and pieces of classic songs are culled from 40+ years of popular music from 70’s Reggae to 80's Pop to 90’s Metal and everywhere in between. From Radiohead mashed with Beck, The Weeknd with Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads with Bob Marley, Metallica with Gorillaz….nothing is off limits.

    ZONKEY clearly pays homage to some of our favorite artists & songs. While we’ve tried to reproduce the spirit of the original compositions & recordings, we’ve also tried to have some fun with the structure as we’ve often combined seemingly dissimilar musical elements to create a new vibe altogether,” notes keyboardist Joel Cummins.
    • $14.99
  • Hall of Fame: Class of 2015 CD (4-Disk Set)
    Item #: UYCD33
    CD is expected to ship on or around September 9, 2016.

    Of the people, by the people, for the people…
    You’ve cast your ballots, we’ve counted the votes and the Class of 2015 is in. The annual Hall of Fame series features the best of best of the year as determined by the UM faithful. We’ve taken your top picks and turned them into a two-set show that encapsulates the essence of live UM: raw, energetic and inspired. Heavy on improvisation and stylistically diverse, it’s what you’ve come to expect from Umphrey’s McGee.

    Nearly four hours of music have been meticulously stitched together to deliver you a new listening experience. This year’s offering features classic UM staples alongside a stand out cover of Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond" as well as an appearance by Mad Dog’s Filthy Little Secret Horns. Hall of Fame: Class of 2015 is available in a smattering of digital formats but what your mom wants you to buy is the double 180-gram, three color splattered LPs. The vinyl features the “best of the best” and also includes an MP3 download of the 4 hour “show.”

    • $23.99
  • Umphrey's McGee - The London Session CD
    Item #: UYCD27
    Fresh off the heels of Similar Skin, Umphrey's McGee dove head first into the famed Abbey Road Studios, tracking a staggering 10 songs in one day. This CD contains the explosive result of the marathon recording session. A measured mix of arrangements familiar and new, you'll find ferociously tight tracks alongside ear-worm acoustic numbers, infused by the ghosts of a studio frozen in time. Inside the CD, you'll find a foldout poster featuring dozens of candid photos from the recording session as well as a long-form narrative detailing everything you didn't know you wanted to know, from soup to nuts: the song selection process, the "why" behind new arrangements, geeking out over classic recording gear, anecdotes from the marathon day, and the meaning of that badass album art. Pop in the disk and join us for The London Session, a day at Abbey Road Studios.

    Autographed version of product is no longer available.

    Track Listing:
    1. Bad Friday
    2. Rocker Part 2
    3. No Diablo
    4. Cut the Cable
    5. Out of Order
    6. Glory
    7. Plunger
    8. Comma Later
    9. Eat
    10. I Want You (She's So Heavy)

    • $13.99
  • Similar Skin Deluxe
    Item #: UYLP12
    The whole enchilada. The Similar Skin Deluxe Edition features a foil stamped, 32-page glossy hard-cover book with extended liner notes, including hand written lyrics and behind-the-scenes photographs from the album recording sessions, two 180g LP vinyl encased in the bookends (incl. Morning Song LP only bonus), and the Similar Skin CD. Limited quantity available.

    NOTE: This product will ship in a custom created shipping box to ensure it arrives in mint condition.

    • $74.99
  • Similar Skin CD
    Item #: UYCD26
    Order the Similar Skin album, featuring 11 tracks getting the studio treatment for the first time, including 4 never-before-heard songs.

    • $13.99
  • Death By Stereo Deluxe
    Item #: UYAM91
    This Deluxe Edition Set Includes:
    • CD
    • Vinyl (Double LP featuring 3 bonus tracks on Side D)
    • Cassette Tape featuring 9 unreleased demos spanning 15 years of material
    • 11"x 11" Exclusive 3D Lenticular Hologram (Exclusive to the Deluxe Edition)
    • 2 Limited Edition Iron-On Transfers
    • Stereo Eco-Tote housing all of package contents
    • Surprise nugget
    • $69.99
  • Umphrey's McGee- Death by Stereo CD
    Item #: UYCD20
    "'Death By Stereo' is a lethal musical gumbo stewed by the band's seemingly telepathic six members. The album finds the "fluid and majestic" (Washington Post Express) sextet's feet firmly entrenched in hard-hitting rock while still exploring radical new territories: 'Sticky Fingers'-era Rolling Stones romp on "Wellwishers," Black Keys-style blues on "Domino Theory," and horns-infused 70s funk on "Booth Love." "Conduit" delivers the type of dual-guitar fireworks that Umphrey's has become known for and 'Miami Virtue' is an upbeat, kaleidoscopic blend of Phoenix and Pink Floyd."

    1. Miami Virtue
    2. Domino Theory
    3. Search 4
    4. Booth Love
    5. The Floor
    6. Wellwishers
    7. Dim Sun
    8. Deeper
    9. Conduit
    10. Hajimemashite
    • $13.99
  • Ali Baba's Tahini - Living Room CD (2010)
    Item #: UYCD19
    When Jake Cinninger took the stage as a member of Umphrey's McGee for the first time in September 2000, the recently disbanded Ali Baba's Tahini appeared to be a thing of the past. Though the members decided to go their separate ways, the long time friends and musical cohorts never lost touch and never stopped creating music.

    On July 12th, Ali Baba?s Tahini will release their fourth album, Living Room. The follow-up to the spontaneous Rockstars and Lawnmowers (2005) is the carefully crafted product of Cinninger and Karl Engelmann's collaborative songwriting. Get comfy, Living Room has room for everyone.

    1. One Two Three
    2. Bikes
    3. Unity
    4. Living Room
    5. Dose of the Real World
    6. Piece
    7. Guilt
    8. Temptation
    9. Cold Beers at Mickey's Pub
    10. Ringo Likes the Velvet
    11. Four Five
    12. Armadillo
    13. Altitude
    14. Lust
    15. Rollin' On
    • $14.99
  • Umphrey's McGee- Mantis CD
    Item #: UYCD13
    Chicago?s Umphrey's McGee enters its second decade together with their most progressive, melodic and artistically cohesive album to date. The new album hits streets on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009, when Mantis casts another Windy City family into the limelight. Over 2 years in the making, Mantis pushes the envelope in composition, arrangement and group interplay. In an Umphrey?s McGee first, the album offers 100% new material - a drastic change of pace for a band whose typical modus operandi is to work out the material live on-stage before recording studio versions.

    NOTE: Your Mantis CD will give you special access to the special Push website to get free content throughout 2009! See for more information about this exciting feature.


    1. Made to Measure 3:12
    2. Preamble 0:36
    3. Mantis 11:49
    4. Cemetery Walk 7:30
    5. Cemetery Walk II 2:19
    6. Turn & Run 7:25
    7. Spires 7:41
    8. Prophecy Now 2:47
    9. Red Tape 5:43
    10. 1348 4:49

    Total Running Time: 54:04
    • $13.99
  • Umphrey's McGee- Jimmy Stewart 2007 - CD
    Item #: UYCD12

    In June 2008, prog-rock powerhouse Umphrey's McGee has released Jimmy Stewart 2007, an ambitious double-live album comprised of some of the band's most inspired improvisations, sequenced into two seamless 70-minute "mixtapes."

    Several times during each live concert, Umphrey's McGee delves into the "Jimmy Stewart" creation process. They aim is to generate melody-rich, spontaneous compositions on-the-fly. As Umphrey's McGee's sound continues to evolve, each live performance is increasingly a showcase for their "Jimmy Stewart" approach to progressive improvisation which they utilize as a breeding ground for new material.

    Umphrey's is also a band always on the cusp of fresh technology and music distribution, and the trendsetting Umphrey's McGee Podcast serves up two 75-minute sets of live UM each month to its 20,000 subscribers. On June 10th 2008, the Podcast offered its 66th broadcast, a Jimmy Stewart 2007 companion piece of an extra CD's worth of material from the cutting room.

    Click product image to see full tracklisting, including performance locations and dates.
    • $13.99
  • Umphrey's McGee- Live At The Murat CD
    Item #: UYCD11
    The ascension continues for Chicago?s Umphrey?s McGee, not only in terms of their commercial success but in creative accomplishment and instrumental achievement as well. Their performance on Live at the Murat (SCI Fidelity), the band?s first official live release, is as impressive as anything they?ve recorded to date, with the power and finesse, the yin and the yang, that have come to characterize their by-now classic material. Recorded in Indianapolis in April 2007 and produced by longtime ?sound caresser? and honorary seventh member Kevin Browning, Live at the Murat is innovative without being indulgent. It's exhilarating without losing control. Clearly, logging 120 gigs a year, ?live? is where UM lives.

    1. In the Kitchen > 4:09
    2. Acoustic Improvisation > 5:03
    3. Electric Improvisation > 8:03
    4. In the Kitchen (Electric Structure) 2:18
    5. Higgins 9:18
    6. The Fuzz > 8:55
    7. Nothing Too Fancy (End) 5:59
    8. Ringo > 4:45
    9. Hajimemashite > 5:10
    10. Ringo 5:09
    11. Eat 4:32

    1. 40?s Theme > 9:00
    2. The Triple Wide > 11:51
    3. Angular Momentum > 2:55
    4. Push the Pig > 10:58
    5. Out of Order 8:58 (Click here to listen to a stream of this song.)
    6. White Man?s Moccasins 12:09
    7. Padgett?s Profile 12:47
    • $13.99
  • Umphrey's McGee- Safety In Numbers CD
    Item #: UYCD08
    1. Believe The Lie
    2. Rocker
    3. Liquid
    4. Words
    5. Nemo
    6. Women, Wine and Song
    7. Intentions Clear
    8. End of the Road
    9. Passing
    10. Ocean Billy
    11. The Weight Around

    Safety In Numbers features guest artists such as Joshua Redman and Huey Lewis. Artwork by Storm Thorgerson.
    • $13.99
  • Rockstars and Lawnmowers by Ali Baba's Tahini CD
    Item #: UYCD07
    Rock Stars and Lawnmowers is the most recent album from Ali Baba's Tahini, best known as the band Jake Cinninger was in before joining progressive rock band Umphrey's McGee.

    The album is the first since 1999 to feature the original lineup of Cinninger, Karl Engelmann, and Steve Krojniewski. Engelmann left the band in 1999 and the group split a year later.

    During the winter of 2004, Ali Baba's Tahini retreated to the North Carolina mountains to record the album over a one-week period. The recording contains a number of new songs as well as classic Ali Baba's Tahini concert songs that had yet to be recorded. It also features a song from Johnny Scroggs ("Veil"), who performs lead vocals on the track. The album was mastered by Cinninger and released a year later in 2005. Many of the new songs from the album are currently performed in concert by Umphrey's McGee.

    Track listing

    1. Got Your Milk (Right Here)
    2. Poster Prose
    3. For Your Angels
    4. Riding the Road Down Under
    5. Lost My Heart
    6. Darl's Gang
    7. Veil
    8. Liquid In My Head
    9. Jimbo's Blues
    10. Alice
    11. Carnival Chronicles
    12. Partyin' Peeps

    Karl Engelmann: vocals, bass, guitar
    Jake Cinninger: guitar, vocals, piano
    Steve Krojniewski: drums
    Johnny Scroggs: vocals on "Veil"
    • $14.99
    • $11.99
  • Umphrey's McGee Reel To Real CD
    Item #: UYCD35
    Track list for Reel To Real Soundtrack:
    1. Gone for Good
    2. Glory (acoustic)
    3. Full Frontal
    4. Australian Lullaby (acoustic)
    5. Plunger (acoustic)
    6. Plunger Commentary
    7. Bull Nasties
    8. Abbodon
    9. All Is Done
    10. Australian Lullaby (electric)
    11. Orfeo

    On the heels of the release of our archival documentary Reel To Real, we are pleased to share the original soundtrack from the film. Comprised of 11 tracks scanning the entire 18-plus year history of UM, this one covers a wide swath of ground. In addition new and old, studio and live Umphrey’s, six of the tracks are solo works from Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger.

    Following the opening single "Gone for Good," an acoustic version of "Glory," performed entirely by Cinninger and featured in the penultimate scene of Reel To Real, makes its debut. Two versions of the film's main title "Australian Lullaby," written and performed by Bayliss are audio ambien (do not operate heavy machinery while listening). A rare acoustic "Plunger" is followed by lyrical analysis and contemplative yet humorous recollections about UM's original drummer Mike Mirro. Three tracks from Cinninger's Boondocks Studio check all the boxes from head banging metal to a Brian Eno inspired composition aimed at moving pictures. And an oldie but goodie, "Orfeo" from the band’s 1998 debut album Greatest Hits Vol. III caps off this eclectic offering.

    If you haven't seen the film, you can stream or download it in all its glory on Vimeo.

    • $13.99