Second Annual UM Poster Subscription Series

Here's how it works - You will receive a Special Edition print of all 8 posters for the Early 2014 tour with identical numbers of each print plus a FREE tour print from Baker Prints. Numbers will be allocated based on the order in which you enroll and priority enrollment is given to re-subscribers.

Enrollment is now closed.

  • UM 2014 Poster Subscription
    Item #: UYAP127
    Click 'More Info' tab for artist lineup.

    No refunds on this item!

    To ensure your posters arrive in mint condition we've hired a poster artist to handle the shipping and packaging. Prints will ship in two batches from Baker Prints in Chicago. The price above includes 9 prints plus shipping and handling right to your doorstep.

    Posters for leg 1 of the tour will ship in early March.
    Posters for leg 2 of the tour will ship in early May.

    As always, this year's subscribers will be given priority enrollment the next go around, and a chance to keep the same print number.