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  • Live from the Tabernacle 12/29/12
    Item #: UYAM129
    Umphrey's McGee took the stage of The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia for the second night of their New Year's run and treated their fans to yet another live debut, playing "Drink My Drank" to eager fans' satisfaction. The entire first set was on fire, but the beginning of set two gives you a way to see Umphrey's like never before. Each member of the band is sporting a GoPro camera. You'll get a close up view of shredding guitar solos via Brenden and Jake's cameras. You'll get bass slapping and head-banging via Stasik's head mounted GoPro. There's a combination of spacey and beautiful keyboard licks you'll see from the "JoelPro," and you'll witness the heart of Umphrey's McGee beat through the chest-mounted cams worn by Andy and Kris as they power through "1348" and "Day Nurse." What do you say Umphreaks, are you ready to join the band on stage?
    • $24.99
  • Live from the Tabernacle 12/30/12
    Item #: UYAM130
    By night three of their four-night New Year's run, Umphrey's McGee had already blown the roof off Atlanta's Tabernacle Theater, leaving fans wondering how they could go any further. In the tradition of Umphrey's McGee however, they took everything up to the next level. Intense performances of "Depth Charge" and "JaJunk" had the venue pulsating. The band, the massive lighting by Waful, and the ecstatic fans were in perfect unison from shredding rock to ethereal jams, never skipping a beat. The set two opener that rolled from "Bright Lights, Big City" into "Cocaine" and back to "Bright Lights" is a one for the record books. The band was joined by saxophonist Jeff Coffin for an incredible "Night Nurse.” During the "In The Kitchen" encore, in anticipation of one more enormous night, Brendan changed the lyrics to ask the crowd if they'd “all come back tomorrow?" The roar of applause was his answer.
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  • Live from the Tabernacle 12/31/12
    Item #: UYAM131
    Umphrey's McGee capped out their four-night run in Atlanta's famous Tabernacle with an incredible three-set New Year's Eve show. In set one, Joel and Jake effortlessly nailed the piano and guitar sections of Allman Brothers classic "Jessica." "Hajimemeshite" was dedicated to a fan who flew all the way from Japan for the New Year's run, illustrating that the fans will pull out all the stops to catch a stand out performance by Umphrey's. Stasik dedicated the cover of a personal favorite, Wang Chung's hit "Dance Hall Days," to his wife Mary Welch. Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret horn section added a rich, full sound to the band throughout the night and Waful's gyroscopic lighting illuminated the venue's famous pipe organ. Umphrey's McGee rang in the new year with "Auld Lang Syne" and invited wives and family members on stage to share this momentous occasion with friends and fans alike. The blowout show received rave reviews instantly, with fans swearing the band has never been tighter and their performances have never been better. Umphrey's McGee truly set the stage for an incredible 2013!
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  • Live at Stubb's DVD/Blu-Ray
    Item #: UYAM120
    Umphrey's McGee took the stage at Austin's famed Stubb's Bar-B-Q for the first time since 2007 and filled the amphitheatre with "Partyin' Peeps" in celebration of 4/20. Fan favorites dominated the first set of the band's 4-night TX/OK run, including "The Floor" and "Booth Love" from their recently released album, Death By Stereo (September 2011) - along with a cover of ZZ Top's 1980 hit single "Cheap Sunglasses." Set two kicked off with some old-school favorites, "Prowler" and "All in Time," and continued to pick up heat with a nearly 20-minute "1348." "The Linear" > "All in Time" closed out the killer show.
    *"Abacab" not included due to denial of necessary licenses
    • $24.99
  • Live at Red Rocks DVD/Blu-Ray
    Item #: UYAM100
    The acoustics and the vibe of Red Rocks cannot be duplicated. Available in DVD and Blu-Ray formats, this video captures the magic as it unfolded in what was an unforgettable night!
    • $24.99
  • Live at Boulder Theater DVD/Blu-Ray
    Item #: UYAM101
    The historic Boulder Theater hosted Umphrey's for a sold-out show on September 15th. Catch all of the amazing action in crystal clear DVD or Blu-Ray formats!
    • $24.99
  • Live from The Pageant: NYE Weekend 2011 DVD
    Item #: UYAM90DVD
    This four DVD set was recorded live at The Pageant in St. Louis as the clock expired on 2011. Three nights and seven sets of classic Umphrey’s McGee are now available for your viewing pleasure. Clocking in at almost nine and a half hours of music (gulp), these performances are raw, live and awesome. Live From The Pageant also contains unreleased bonus material from the Death By Stereo live in-studio webcast.

    Both the video and audio were captured in real time, as it happened – no remixing, editing, 5.1 mixes or other blemish-reducing measures. What you saw is what you get.

    Settle in and get after it.
    • $34.99
  • Live at Summer Camp 2011 DVD
    Item #: UYAM86DVD
    Recorded live at Summer Camp Music Festival in May of 2011, these performances are raw, live and awesome. With the debut of 5 new original songs & a cache of classics, these 2 nights are the stuff of lore. The first DVD the band has released since 2007 is stuffed full. This package contains 2 dual layer DVDS, each containing a full two set show totaling over 5 hours of music plus bonus footage.
    Both the video and the audio were captured in real time as it happened - no remixing, editing, 5.1 mixes or other blemish reducing measures. What you saw is what you get. See "Details" tab below for complete setlists.
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  • UM at the Tab: 1/3/15
    Item #: UY105COMBO
    Pick up all 5 nights and receive 25% off!

    Set 1:
    Le Blitz >
    Wappy Sprayberry >
    The Bottom Half
    Syncopated Strangers >
    Partyin' Peeps
    Professor Wormbog
    Rocker Part 2
    Mulche's Odyssey

    Set 2:
    Bridgeless >
    Dump City
    The Crooked One >
    Women Wine and Song
    Cemetery Walk
    Cemetery Walk II
    No Comment >

    • $24.99
  • Soundstage: Umphrey's McGee - Live DVD
    Item #: UYAM50
    During the summer of 2007, Umphrey?s McGee came home to Chicago to record a special live performance for the award-winning PBS music series Soundstage at WTTW?s Grainger Studio. This Tuesday, the incredible 13-song set hits stores on DVD ? including six favorites not shown during the original PBS broadcast.

    UMPHREY?S McGEE ? LIVE features over two hours of dazzling music presented in High-Definition and mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound, plus two bonus tracks (?Made to Measure? and ?Wizard Burial Ground? recorded at the legendary Auditorium Theatre in Chicago). A visual showcase of the band?s spontaneity and innovative prowess, UMPHREY?S McGEE ? LIVE is available at FYE, Best Buy and Value Music stores.

    Track Listing: Ocean Billy, Higgins, Got Your Milk (Right Here), Out Of Order, Great American, The Bottom Half, Walletsworth, Believe The Lie, Eat, Words, Morning Song, Alex?s House, Glory

    Plus the Live Bonus Tracks: Made To Measure, Wizard Burial Ground
    • $17.99
  • Umphrey's McGee - DVD Discount Bundle
    Item #: UY33COMBO
    Save $5 when you buy both UM DVDs – Wrapped Around Chicago and Live from the Lake Coast - together.
    • $23.99
  • Umphrey's McGee - Wrapped Around Chicago - New Year's at the Riv - DVD
    Item #: UYAM20
    The band?s second DVD release Wrapped Around Chicago; New Year?s at the Riv, was filmed in their hometown on December 31, 2004 at the Riviera Theatre. The two-disc set offers three hours of performance and over an hour of bonus material. Expect jaw-dropping performances and a front row view of the band?s unique musical rapport during live shows, plus irreverent humor, madness, and serious nonsense?after all, this is Umphrey?s McGee.

    Special features include:

    Nemo and Padget?s Profile live from 12.30.04

    Umphrey?s McGee rehearsing with Huey Lewis backstage at the Jammys

    New episodes of UM Clay and bonus DV remixes

    All NEW Atmosmenu music by Andy Farag

    Exclusive Kris Myers drum lesson.

    Over an hour of crazy Umphrey?s bonus material. The more you dig, the more you?ll find!

    Click on the cover image for the set list.
    • $14.99
  • Umphrey's McGee Live from the Lakecoast - DVD
    Item #: UYAM06DVD
    Filmed July 26-27, 2002 at the Skyline Stage in Chicago, this is a piece of Umphrey's McGee history, as the band said goodbye to an era when drummer Mike Mirro left the band, and has since embraced a new era with drummer Kris Myers at the helm. This DVD includes exceptional concert footage filmed with an 18 camera crew, and is chocked full of extra features, including a photo gallery, back stage footage, and hidden bonuses. The exceptional audio contains multiple audio mixes in standard 2.0 stereo, a stereo binaural mix that creates 3 dimensions on headphones, Dolby 5.1 surround, and DTS.
    • $14.99
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